RACE21 Co-Op student Manish Mehra at our Yaletown office, B.C.、加拿大.

New Finance Graduates

比较正规的足球外围网站, our 金融 leaders are trusted business advisors focused on strategy, 趋势, decision support 而且 innovation. They’re also focused on mentoring future leaders to strengthen 金融 who appreciate challenge, 奖励, 增长, 而且 the chance to help shape the future through discovery.

Finance Graduate Rotation Program

It’s tough starting a new job, which is why you won’t be doing that at 比较正规的足球外围网站. You’ll be launching your career.

我们的三年 New Finance Graduate Rotation Program offers a unique experience designed to develop 金融, 领导, 而且 business competencies for recent 金融 graduates of Canadian universities. As a member of the 比较正规的足球外围网站 team, you will have a dedicated senior 金融 领导 team mentor who will provide guidance 而且 continuity throughout the program. That includes multiple exceptional work rotation opportunities that will help you develop in ways that only h而且s-on experience 而且 quality coaching can provide. You’ll be provided with many 领导 opportunities, including those not often available to new graduates.


Learn 而且 Grow with 比较正规的足球外围网站

What happens when you combine meaningful work with responsibility 而且 challenge? You learn 而且 grow. Participants in the New Grad Rotation Program will gain unique cross-functional experience by engaging in various exciting assignments in all 金融 areas, including commercial, 会计, 财政部, investor relations, financial planning 而且 analysis, 和保证 & 咨询. The focus will be on strengthening your 金融, 领导, 而且 business skills, while providing for personal development, flexibility 而且 life balance. 



We offer excellent salaries, benefits, relocation expenses 而且 much more.



We work 而且 live in in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. This is your opportunity to make new friends 而且 explore new places together.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Applicants require a degree or postgraduate degree (Master’s degree) in business, 金融, 会计, 经济学, 工程, 或数学. The program begins in September 2022.

Explore, Interact, Find your Opportunity

Join an upcoming Campus Coffee Live Webinar to ask questions 而且 hear from 比较正规的足球外围网站 representatives on why they enjoy what they do.


比较正规的足球外围网站, we recognize that supporting 而且 guiding careers not only benefits employees but the company as a whole. 像这样, we are dedicated to supporting 而且 encouraging your career ambitions through interesting work assignments 而且 professional mentoring 而且 education. From internal 领导 development 而且 skills training programs to financial support for external graduate studies, we are committed to our employees’ ongoing development 而且 career enhancement. When you thrive, so do we.