We are a significant copper producer in the Americas, with four operating copper mines 而且 a strong pipeline of development projects in North 而且 South America.

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比较正规的足球外围网站 operates the 高地谷铜 mine in British Columbia, 加拿大, the 山涧布兰卡 copper mine in northern 智利 而且 the 卡门·德·安达克洛 copper mine in central 智利. We also have an interest in the Antamina copper/zinc mine in 秘鲁, one of the world's largest base metal mines. In addition, 比较正规的足球外围网站 has a pipeline of copper projects in various stages of development. This includes our 克布拉达布兰卡第二阶段 Project, which is currently under construction.

我们的 customers can be confident in our ability to ensure a long-term, reliable supply of quality copper 而且 molybdenum concentrates. Concentrate production is a process where the main metallic compounds of the mine’s ore are separated 而且 'concentrated'. This concentrated material is then sold to smelters for further refining. The marketing of base metal concentrates is a key element of 皇后的 business. 我们的 concentrate sales span the globe.


We produce copper cathode at our 卡门·德·安达克洛 而且 山涧布兰卡 操作 in 智利. Both mines are open pit operations where ore is leached to produce copper cathodes via processing in SX-EW plants. 铜 cathode production is trucked from the operations for shipment to purchasers.


皇后的 铜的事实



of our gross profit in 2021 that was from copper



含铜量已证实 & 可能储量与实测储量 & 表示资源



of operating copper mines in 加拿大 而且 South America which we operate or have an interest in


of copper in tonnes that we produced at our copper mines in 2021

铜’s Role in a Low-Carbon Economy

Climate change is top of mind for much of the world’s population. The transition to renewable energy 而且 electrification will require commodities like copper. Learn more about how the copper we produce is helping to build the low-carbon future.


克布拉达布兰卡第二阶段 is a low-cost, long-life copper project being built by 比较正规的足球外围网站 而且 the project partners in northern 智利.  Join us for a virtual tour of our construction progress.

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The Antamina mine is a large copper 而且 zinc mine, located in the Andes mountain range of 秘鲁.


山涧布兰卡 操作 is a copper mine located in northern 智利.


卡门·德·安达克洛 is a copper 而且 gold mine located in central 智利.


高地谷铜 操作 is a copper 而且 molybdenum operation located in south-central British Columbia.


an essential part of people’s lives. 今天, copper is the material of choice for powering our modern world as a vital component in everything from power generation to hybrid vehicles to computers 而且 smartphones.

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​Continual improvements in the technology of data transmission over copper wire virtually guarantees that copper will remain the preferred medium for office networks in the foreseeable future. High data-transmission capability, convenience 而且 security are just a few of copper’s benefits. 阅读更多 about copper through the 铜 Alliance.

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铜是 a powerful antimicrobial agent 而且 an innovative solution to reducing the spread of infection in healthcare facilities. 健康care-acquired infections (HAIs) are the fourth leading cause of death in 加拿大 而且 cost the Canadian healthcare system more than $1 billion annually.